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Steel for quenching and tempering. Profiles: Round, Solera, Square and Plate.

This is one of the steels known as medium carbon. In its production, special care is taken in its chemical composition, treatment, laminate and surface finish, etc. As a result of this careful procedure, a highly useful steel is obtained for any type of application and treatment that you want to give it. This steel, particularly when hardened, can be used where an extraordinary hardness is required that can only be obtained with medium carbon steels. Some of its applications can be found in: Axles for wheels, Engines, Generators, Parts for machinery that have excessive wear, Bolts, Jaws, Pinions, Gears, Crushers, Dice, etc. Due to its carbon content, this steel presents some difficulties when being welded. When the design of some parts requires it, it can be welded with a flame or arc even without being preheated, but in measures greater than 1/2 ”a preheating is necessary, at least 300ºC and it is recommended after welding, reheating to relieve tensions. The degree of welding to be used depends on the service, design and measures required, but generally AWS 7018. This grade of steel is essentially water-hardened, but in certain cases it can also be oil-based, it is advisable to cool in water to a temperature of 815 ºC. . (1499ºF) and oil at 825ºC (1508ºF). A wide range of its mechanical properties can be obtained by reeling at different temperatures between 390ºC (734ºF) and 705ºC (300ºF). Its machinability range is 55% cold drawn and 65% hot rolled based on AISI 1213 steel as 100%.


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