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Stainless Steel called «20 – 25». Profiles: Round, Solera, Angle, Ptr, Square, Hollow Bar, Hexagonal, Tube, Sheets, Plates, Non-slip.

Its Chromium Nickel content makes it the most resistant to high temperature among all standard type Stainless Steels. It gives an unsurpassed versatility in all its mechanical properties and without the risk of ruptures at high temperatures, it is antimagnetic in its annealed state and it is not hardened under heat treatment, manufactured in an electric furnace and of a uniform quality. Mainly used in equipment for the refining of Oils. Pots for heating oils, ovens, funnels, etc. This type is required for parts that must be welded in the manufacturing process and that require an oxidation resistance of 1095ºC (2000ºF). It can be used at higher temperatures, but only when the pressure is low. Withstands temperatures of 1095ºC (2000ºF) even in constant service. Compared to other Chrome-Nickel stainless steels, this grade has the lowest coefficient of expansion as a result of its also low tendency to warp. Easy to be welded by common processes except forging and striking.


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